Program: Workplace Services Transformation to Cloud

Case: Strategic NN Group IT Transformation program; upgrading and replacing multiple decentralized workplace services to group wide cloud/SAAS based standards. The program covers all insurance business units of NN-Group and NN Investment Partners.

The program was one of the strategic initiatives in the NN Group IT Transformation. It foresaw in upgrading the various services within the workplace services domain in an integrated manner, while replacing multiple decentralized services to one group wide standard. In scope of the program are amongst others the transformation to a SAAS solution for Enhanced Telephony, the transition to Microsoft Office 365 public cloud and office data management (Microsoft Cloud and SharePoint technology).

The innovations combined with the new services landscape substantially improved the efficiency of the service organization.

“The complexity of the program was in the combination of centralization of services and innovation through early adoption of new technology. Bart excelled by on-boarding and aligning the various executives while still developing the required high pace of change. Due to his very transparent reporting and his structured way of working Bart gained and earned the trust of his very diverse steering committee.”